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Eximo® is a state of the art acid replacement soil conditioner powered by SynTech®, the world’s only synthetic acid. Eximo® is designed to be sprayed directly onto turf to solubilize calcium and other salts.  Regular use will also lower soil bicarbonate levels and improve soil structure.  Eximo® safely treats plants suffering from high bicarbonate water and soil growth conditions. Eximo® carries the DfE (designed for the environment) government certification and is approved for use in any growing condition. Can be safe used as a tank additive for pH levels below 2pH.  Eximo® will not harm people or equipment at any concentration. Regular use will temporarily lower soil bicarbonate and increase plant uptake of soil bound nutrients.


Mix 32-64 ounces of Eximo® in sufficient volume of water and apply to an acre of turf. Best results are achieved when Eximo® is lightly watered into the soil profile after application.

Fill the spray tank 1/4 full. Add Eximo® while continuing to fill the tank with the agitation unit running to ensure proper mixing. EMS recommends this range for 60-75 gallons