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Fusion's proprietary formulation of green pigment contains three totally unique features. 1st the pigment is designed to withstand the sun's degradative effects. This gives Fusion treated plants a more natural green color for a longer time. Other pigment formulation's rapidly degrade in the sun causing the blue base pigmentation to dominate the color scheme and look fake and blue.    

2nd, Fusion contains proprietary blend of plant based penetrants that quickly infuse the soft porous plant tissue with a deep green pigmentation. 3rd, Fusion's penetrants rapidly disperse the pigments upon contact with non-porous surfaces. A feature that greatly reduces staining Fusion is inadvertently applied to inorganic surfaces, such as sidewalks, driveways or cars. That means fewer calls from clients and members who see over sprayed product outside the turf areas.

Natural Green Color

Resistant to solar degradation

Rapid Pigment to Plant color Infusion Safe-Low stain potential on hard surfaces Low use rates

Tank mix compatible with virtually all turf chemistry

Recommended uses:

Spray Indicator

Green Turf Dye- winterizing for warm season sports fields greens or lawns

Use Rates: Application dependent : 16-64 oz./Ac