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KKI Liquid Iron offers rapid long-lasting plant green up without plant growth flush. KKI has a very low use rate making it both convenient and economical to use.  KKI is designed to be a fertilizer supplement that will address all degrees of Iron deficiencies in plants and soil.

KKI Liquid Iron is a patented micro nutrient solution containing 4% Iron. KKI is formulated with Baypure© from Lanxess Chemical. Baypure is effective in a wide range of pH. Baypure biodegrades within 72 hours and is unlike other chelates that can persist in the soil.

KKI Liquid Iron is Ortho and Poly-phosphate compatible.

Benefits of Iron

Iron is essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll and is a constituent of many organic compounds in plants.  Iron is necessary for nitrate reductase and free radical detoxification of plant enzymes. Iron enhances disease resistance in plants. Plants deficient in iron have lower carbon dioxide fixation and can suffer from inhibited root elongation. Iron deficient plants have lower sugar and starch content.

KKI Liquid Iron has Baypure patented chelation chemistry that is effective for foliar and or soil drenches.

KKI Liquid Iron is effective in a wide range of pH conditions. 

KKI Liquid Iron can be applied as needed throughout the growing season.