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KK-TM Liquid Macronutrient Package is designed to provide rapid plant up take of key plant micronutrients. 

KK-TM has a low use rate making it both convenient and economical to use. 

KK-TM is a fertilizer supplement that should be added to a well-balanced fertilizer program.                  

KK-TM is effective at making the discoloration effect caused by most growth regulator applications.

KK-TM Liquid Micronutrients Package is a patented micronutrient solution formulated with Baypure© from Lanxess Chemical. Baypure is effective in a wide range of pH conditions. 

KK-TM is Ortho and Polyphosphate compatible.

KK-TM has Baypure patented chelation chemistry that is effective for foliar and or soil drenches. 

KK-TM is effective in a wide range of pH conditions.

KK-TM can be applied as required throughout the growing season.