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Summer Green is Sigma's latest fertilizer development that is powered by NitrO2gen technology. Summer Green also utilizes nanotechnology in the inert additives. These   ultra  small  emulsifying  compounds help keep the reactive properties of  Summer Green  fluid and tank  mix friendly.

Summer Green is designed to be a great low cost efficient  fertilizer supplement for the LCO professional.

Summer Green Is a safe industrial strength nitrogen based plant food supplement. It was developed to supplement professional lawn care nutrient programs during hot summer applications. Summer green provides nitrogen to the lawn but does not allow flushed growth response. It does not contain pigments, excess iron or plant growth regulators. Summer Green has an analysis of 22-0-0 but it is strictly a lawn maintenance product, it does not push plant growth.

When applied to soil, Summer Green undergoes a oxygen reduction process and nitrification process. This process releases oxygen rich compounds into the soil profile. The released oxygen compounds induce elevated aerobic microbial activity that in turn creates a bio-synthesis reaction that further induces chemical oxygen release. These reactions, when properly encouraged with water and reactive NO3, can continue until the nitrogen or the organic matter is spent.

By using unique complexed nitrate chemistry as the reagent, this product can release nutrient rich metals into the soil profile all the while releasing O2 and CO2 gases. The combination of these two events make for a perfect environment for microbial growth. Free minerals from the reductive reaction combined with aerobic off gases creates a slow chemical release of stimulated microbial growth conditions.  

A simpler explanation - Summer Green chemically ignites a bio-oxidation and or nitrification reaction with soil. These redox reactions reduce and sequester soil compounds into individual elements and or smaller compounds. Unbound or reduced, individual elements are more readily utilized by soil biology or plants as a food source. Smaller compounds can be easily digested by soil biology or dissolved by plant exudates. Either process increases the utilization of soil minerals as a plant food source. The fact that Summer Green uses chemically modified nitrates as the sequestering reagent makes it unique as a fertilizer. 

The increase in aerobic soil condition combined with nitrogen complexed nutrients, allows Summer Green to provide a natural plant greening affect. It does this without forcing the direct intake of N by the plant. In fact, because of the chemical makeup of the N in Summer Green, it is not directly accessible to plants. This attribute makes Summer Green uniquely qualified for use during stressful growth condition often experience during summer lawn treatments.

Recommended Uses:

+   Lawn care Fertilizer Additive

+   Golf Fairways and Roughs

+   Hydro-seed Additive

Use Rates: 3-6oz./1000 sq.ft . (50 gal mix/Ac)